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General conditions


Reservations can be made via this site or by email. The reservation is binding for the tenant and also means a statement of agreement with the general terms and conditions.
The reservation will be confirmed in writing by email by the owner-landlord.


The reservation is only binding on the landlord and final after receipt of a deposit of 40% of the total rent.
This deposit must be made within 10 days after reservation by bank transfer to the following account:

  • De Ridder - Van Damme
  • IBAN BE73 0018 5478 1860

The balance of the rent and the deposit (EUR 250) must be paid in full no later than 6 weeks before the start of the stay, also by bank transfer.

Bookings within 6 weeks before the start of the rental period must be paid in full within 10 days after reservation and in any case before the start of the rental period.


The guarantee is primarily intended to cover any costs resulting from direct or indirect damage caused to the home or its contents. It can also be invoked to cover the landlord's requirements as a result of non-compliance with the tenant's rental conditions.
If the guarantee proves insufficient for the damage suffered, the landlord can still demand additional compensation from the tenant.
Refund of the deposit does not automatically imply recognition that no damage has been done to the property.
The guarantee can at no time be considered as part of the payment of rent or advance.


The apartment is cleaned by the tenant as follows:

  • All floors are vacuumed
  • The kitchen, bathroom, sink in bedroom and toilet are cleaned with soap and water
  • The refrigerator is completely emptied and cleaned if necessary
  • The bins must be empty and tidy on departure
  • Garbage, glass and paper can be sorted in the basement of the apartment

If the apartment is left insufficiently tidy, the cost of the extra cleaning will be deducted from the deposit.
If you do not want to do the cleaning yourself, you can ask the owner for permission. Then an extra cost of 75 euros will be charged.


5.1 Involving the apartment

The rental period is as follows:

  • Week (7n): Friday 4pm - Friday 12pm
  • Weekend (3n): Friday 4pm - Monday 12pm
  • Midweek (4n): Monday 4pm - Friday 12pm

About 2 weeks in advance, the owner will inform you by email about how to get the keys and what to do with the keys on departure.
Please inform the owner of the time of arrival in advance (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
If the keys were taken by mistake by the tenant, the landlord must be notified immediately. The keys will then be returned by express and registered mail as soon as possible.

The apartment is non-smoking. Smokers are requested to smoke on the terrace and not to throw away the butts, but to extinguish them in a controlled manner and to dispose of them with household waste.

5.2 Use of the contents, loss or breakage

After the stay, the household effects may not show any traces of wear other than those acceptable in ordinary use for which the goods are deemed useful. Loss or breakage that jeopardizes the further use of the home must be reported immediately so that the landlord can provide replacement or repair in time.

5.3 Drainage systems

Under no circumstances may the tenant throw things into wash basins, showers, toilets or sinks that can clog the drainage system or fall outside the daily intended use of these installations. The correct cleaning products are normally present. Please use it for cleaning.

5.4 Pets

Unless explicit permission by the landlord, it is forbidden to bring pets. When admitted by the landlord, the pet must be left outside for his needs, thus preserving the impeccable condition of the apartment. If the apartment is not left clean, the cost of this extra cleaning will be deducted from the deposit.

5.5 Neighbors' rest

It is very important to ensure maximum peace and quiet within the apartment building. Please do not set the TV or radio too loud.

5.6 Private car parking space

There is a private parking space at 100m. The gate can be tilted down without a key. Always raise the gate when leaving the parking lot. At the end of your rental period you must leave the pitch so that the new tenants can take it.


You can use a private garage in the building. However, it is prohibited to place a car in this.
You may use anything in the garage except what is in the locked cabinet or locked.

The garage may only be used as a storage place.